General steps
The process of recording can be quickly described as:
- setting up the tool
- recording data
- saving the recorded data locally
- submitting the data to the server

Once the software is run (there is no installation process, the tool is run from the downloaded cinemetrics.exe file), you are presented with the following screen:

There are two statistics modes available: the simple mode and the advanced mode. Simple mode only records the frequency of shot changes. The advanced mode allows up to eight buttons to be used to record different types of shots. Simple mode is ready to use, there is no setting-up to do. To use the advanced mode, click on the 'Advanced' button, and you are presented with the following screen:

Here, instead of one 'Shot change' button you are presented with eight buttons, which are pre-set to Barry Salt's definitions. You can change the button names, by clicking on the 'Customize' button, filling up the text boxes that appear over the buttons (limit 7 characters per button), and clicking the 'Apply' button as shown below:

If there is data that has been recorded previously, but hasn't been submitted, it can be opened and submitted by clicking 'Open...'

Recording the data
Once the setup complete (there is no setup for the Simple mode) and the movie is ready, you can play the movie on your video player and get ready to start recording the data. Once the film starts (or rather the first shot of the sequence you want to record appears), click on 'Start'. The recording of data is started and the timer on the bottom of the Cinemetrics' screen runs. The setup buttons disappear and you are left with the shot change button(s), the pause/start button, and the save and submit button.
Now all you need to do is watch the movie and register shot changes once the shots switch. The shot change is registered once the button is released. This means that you can hold the button while the shot is running and release when it is over, recognize the next shot (in Advanced mode), hold the right button again and release it on the next change. This can be challenging when the shots change very fast, but remember that it is not important to record the exact time of change, more the frequency of change. Being consistently a bit late, just like making one larger mistake will not change the overall statistics.
You can also use the keyboard instead of the mouse. In Advanced mode use 'A' 'S' 'D' 'F' 'J' 'K' 'L' and ';' (semicolon) for the respective buttons. In Simple mode you can use any of the Advanced mode keys, as well as Space. Keyboard strokes work just like mouse strokes, except that the cursor doesn't have to be on the button for it to trigger. The buttons still trigger on release, so you can hold a keyboard key while the shot is running and release it at the shot change. The application needs to have focus for the keyboard keys to register. That means you should have clicked somewhere inside Cinemetrics before using the keyboard.
If you get tired, click 'Pause' in the middle of a recognizable and sufficiently long shot and then pause the movie player or vice versa. After rest, do the same sequence again -- click 'Start' and then play on the player or vice versa, only keep the sequence the same to avoid loosing time.

Finishing the recording of data and submitting
Once you have recorded the end of the last shot in your sequence, relax, massage your wrist, and then click on 'End and Save'. A 'Save file' dialog will appear and let you save your data locally, in case you cannot submit it through Internet right away:

Save the file in a convenient location, and the following screen will show up:

Here you can submit the data to the server by filling up the fields and clicking on 'Submit now'. Your e-mail address will not be displayed on the server or disclosed to anyone. It will only be used to contact you in case there are questions about the submission. If you do not have an Internet connection available, you may click on 'Later' and go back to the first screen. Your data has been saved and you are ready to record more data or exit by clicking on the cross in the corner of the window. If you submit the data, you will get a confirmation message if the data is submitted successfully, or an error message, if there are problems with your internet connection or with our server. Don't worry, you have saved your data on your local computer and can submit it later by clicking 'Open...' on the setup screen.

Viewing the results
Go to , click on the Cinemetrics database and then click on your submitted movie. The data should all be there.