DESCRIPTION: Comedies directed by Sennett at Biograph and Keystone


Cinemetrics lab is the latest addition to our site, and is still work in progress. When finished, the lab is envisaged to offer students of film history a range of analytical tools that will help them dissect, visualize and compare film-related data. We started with a large-scale comparative chart which looks a little like a star map. It is a scattergraph each dot on which represents a film available on our database. Select areas by dragging a rectangle to zoom in and see better different areas of film history. Once you have found your film on this map you will see how it relates to thousands of other films on the x-axis of time (past 111 years of film history) and on the y-axis of average shot lengths. What we intend to do is to add more tools to the lab in order to augment its statistics apparatus and enhance its means of data visualizations.

Year/ASL chart. Note the Log10 scale on the y-axis. It allows us to see all films in the very widely spread high ASL range.

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This lab's films are shown in yellow.

List of films in this lab:

The Manicure Lady: (7) ASL 9.9
With a Kodak: (7) ASL 6.4
Water Nymph: (7) ASL 8.7
The Grocery Clerk's Romance: (7) ASL 7.4
On His Wedding Day: (7) ASL 8
A Life in the Balance: (7) ASL 5
A Fishy Affair: (7) ASL 7.6
The Noise of Bombs: (7) ASL 4.2
The Tragedy of a Dress Suit: (7) ASL 12.2
Mabel's Blunder: (7) ASL 6.5
Little Teacher: (7) ASL 5.7
The Fatal Mallet: (7) ASL 6
Tourists, The: (7) ASL 9.7
Mabel's New Hero: (7) ASL 3.4
The Gusher: (7) ASL 7.7
The Comrades: (7) ASL 13.8
Mabel's Dramatic Career: (7) ASL 5.9
Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life: (7) ASL 7.2
Tango Tangles: (7) ASL 8
Muddy Romance, A: (7) ASL 5.1
Tillie's Punctured Romance: (7) ASL 8.5
Knockout, The: (7) ASL 5
Mabel's Busy Day: (7) ASL 11.2
Busy Day, A: (7) ASL 8.1
Mabel at the Wheel (Parts 1 & 2): (7) ASL 4.6
What the Doctor Ordered: (7) ASL 8.6
A Strong Revenge: (7) ASL 8.7
An Interrupted Elopement: (7) ASL 11.9
The Ragtime Band: (7) ASL 5.1
Cohen Saves the Flag: (7) ASL 8.3
The Engagement Ring : (7) ASL 11.5
A Spanish Dilemma: (7) ASL 13.8
Hot Stuff: (7) ASL 8.7
The Brave Hunter: (7) ASL 10.2
The Fickle Spaniard: (7) ASL 10.9
The Furs: (7) ASL 12.8
Helen's Marriage: (7) ASL 11.2
Tomboy Bessie: (7) ASL 11.5
A Dash Through the Clouds: (7) ASL 6.9
Won by a fish: (7) ASL 10.4
Diving Girl: (7) ASL 6.6
Noise of Bombs: (7) ASL 4
Love, Speed and Thrills: (7) ASL 2.7
Oh, Those Eyes: (7) ASL 9.5
Neighbors: (7) ASL 12.4
Help! Help!: (7) ASL 10
Mabel's Strategem: (7) ASL 7.2
Hello Mabel: (7) ASL 8.3
Peeping Pete: (7) ASL 8.1
Katchem Kate: (7) ASL 10.7
The Vilain Foiled: (7) ASL 10.1
The Baron: (7) ASL 9.2


Maps 52 titles directed by Sennett at Biograph 1911-1912 and Keystone 1913-1915. Czechoslovak distribution versions not included.