DESCRIPTION: Lists of films (see Notes) used by Yuri Tsivian and Keith Brisson to compare films with and without intertitles


Cinemetrics lab is the latest addition to our site, and is still work in progress. When finished, the lab is envisaged to offer students of film history a range of analytical tools that will help them dissect, visualize and compare film-related data. We started with a large-scale comparative chart which looks a little like a star map. It is a scattergraph each dot on which represents a film available on our database. Select areas by dragging a rectangle to zoom in and see better different areas of film history. Once you have found your film on this map you will see how it relates to thousands of other films on the x-axis of time (past 111 years of film history) and on the y-axis of average shot lengths. What we intend to do is to add more tools to the lab in order to augment its statistics apparatus and enhance its means of data visualizations.

Year/ASL chart. Note the Log10 scale on the y-axis. It allows us to see all films in the very widely spread high ASL range.

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This lab's films are shown in yellow.

List of films in this lab:

Nothing added.


List of 61 films used in the experiment:

1776 or The Hessian Renegade: (7) 18.5 uncheck subs
Adventures of Billy, The: (7) 8.3 uncheck exp.tit
An Arcadian Maid: (7) 15.9 uncheck titles
An Unseen Enemy (2nd Attempt): (7) 6.9 uncheck title
As It Is in Life: (7) 16.2 uncheck titles
Battle of Elderbush Gulch, The: (7) 7.3 uncheck exp.tit and dialog
Battle, The: (7) 8.6 uncheck exp.tit and dialog
Billy's Stratagem: (7) 7.4 uncheck exp.tit

Burglar's Dilemma, The (2nd try): (7) 10.6 uncheck exp.tit
Corner in Wheat, A (2nd try): (7) 25.7 uncheck exp.tit
Country Cupid, A: (7) 12.9 uncheck exp.tit
Country Doctor, The (2nd try): (7) 19 uncheck exp.tit
Death's Marathon: (7) 7.2 uncheck exp.tit

Enoch Arden (2nd try): (7) 16.7 uncheck exp.tit
Mender of Nets, The: (7) 6.4 uncheck title
Usurer, The (2nd try): (7) 17.4 uncheck exp.tit
Female of the Species, The : (7) 11.3 uncheck exp.tit
Fighting Blood: (7) 6.4 uncheck titles
Flash of Light, A: (7) 19.1 uncheck exp.tit
For His Son: (7) 12.2 uncheck exp.tit
Friends (2nd try): (7) 8.1 uncheck exp.tit and dialog
Fugitive, The: (7) 16.7 uncheck exp.tit and dialog
Girl and Her Trust, The: (7) 6.6 uncheck subs
Golden Supper, The: (7) 15.7 uncheck exp.tit and dialog
Heart Beats of Long Ago: (7) 11.7 uncheck exp.tit
His Daughter: (7) 10.1 uncheck exp.tit
His Trust (2nd try): (7) 14.5 uncheck exp.tit and dia.tit
House of Darkness, The: (7) 11.6 uncheck exp.tit
His Trust Fulfilled: (7) 25.8 uncheck exp.tit
House with the Closed Shutters, The: (7) 15 uncheck exp.tit and dialog
In the Border States: (7) 13.1 uncheck exp.tit
Indian Brothers, The: (7) 15 uncheck subs

Last Drop of Water, The (2nd try): (7) 10.8 uncheck exp.tit and dialog
Lesser Evil, The: (7) 7.4 uncheck exp.tit
Lesson, The: (7) 13.1 uncheck exp.tit and dialog
Light that Came, The: (7) 23.4 uncheck exp.tit and dia.tit
Lines of White on a Sullen Sea: (7) 24.3 uncheck exp.tit
Miser's Heart, The (2nd try): (7) 11.7 uncheck exp.tit and dia.tit
Mothering Heart, The (2nd Attempt): (7) 8.2 uncheck Title
Musketeers of Pig Alley, The (2nd try): (7) 11.2 uncheck exp.tit
One Is Business, the Other Crime: (7) 11.7 uncheck exp.tit and dialog
New York Hat, The (2nd Attempt): (7) 12.7 uncheck Title
Nursing a Viper: (7) 17.1 uncheck subs
Oath and the Man, The: (7) 10.2 uncheck subs
Sealed Room, The (2nd try): (7) 20.4 uncheck exp.tit
Rose O'Salem Town: (7) 16.6 uncheck exp.tit
Romance of a Jewess: (7) 49.7 uncheck Title